Websites creation and development

Website development is an important element of modern business. Business site is an excellent opportunity to expand sales and customer base. The modern market dictates its rules and now for any, especially large organization that wants to succeed in its niche, it is very important to have its own web resource.

Business website

What is meant by business site creation? Business site creation is the development of the company's official Internet representation, where the relevant information regarding this organization is posted.

Why do you need a website from the business point of view? The main goal of the company is to increase profit. A site with a high-quality design and a well-developed concept is able to bring a large income to the owner. Website creation is not just a convenience when communicating with current customers, on top of all of that it's a great way to make a claim about yourself, to attract new potential consumers. After ordering the site you will be able to master a new market  segment, to increase sales volume through Internet advertising and to automate a part of the business processes.

A website is a great way to make a claim about your business  and yourself

The website, in fact, is the company's image on the Internet. Therefore, the creation of a business site is necessary. It contains comprehensive information about the company, a list of services or products offered, the pricing policy of the organization and contact information. It is important that these data will be available to potential customers within 24 hours.

Websites types

There are following website types:

Business card website

This is a small website consisting, as a rule, of 1-2 pages. In websites of this kind, brief information about the company and contacts is posted. This type of website is great for a small company whose goal is simply to introduce the company on the Internet and indicate the ways of communication.

Production time: 10-14 days.

Corporate website

This is a functional multipage site. The corporate website provides comprehensive information about the company, information on services, products, promotions, news, and features such as a call-back and an online consultant. The creation of a corporate website is necessary for serious companies wishing to increase their profit.

Production time: from 25 days.

Online catalog

This is a website where the company's products are displayed for viewing by the visitor. They are structured, divided into categories and groups, there is a description and characteristic for each product, and also there is a search tool for the product.

Production time: from 30 days.

Online store

This is a website where the products presented by the company can be ordered and paid in real time mode using credit cards, sms, WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc. That is, the visitor remotely chooses the goods from the catalog, the "virtual storefronts" and draws up the order.

Production time: from 35 days.

Web portal

This is a dimensional multifunctional resource designed for a huge audience, which presents a large number of services. Forums, chat rooms, mail, mailing list, affiliate programs for advertising, surveys, blogs - all these modules are included in the Web portal.

Production time: from 40 days.