Outdoor advertising

Ambient media

Ambient media – this is a graphic, text advertisement settable not in the trading center, but in on the surface of the temporary or special stationary constructions, buildings, street lightening elements and road carriageways and pavements.

Ambient media – is one of the widespread types of advertisement in the urban environment, its duty is to involve the consumers’ interest to the sale and stimulate them thanks to brightness of colours and successful harmony of the light and colour.

 Billboard advertising.

Advertisement billboards are now the most widespread and also accessible and persuasive methods and carriers of advertisement information.   

Billboard is an effective mechanism in progress of good notwithstanding its low price.

Do you want to create a positive reputation and increase the volume of sale?

You will achieve this, even the most by ordering advertisement in billboards in the “Global Advertising Azerbaijan”:

- Striking and brightness – our marketing specialists will make Your advertisement creative and unforgettable and nobody will be inattentive.

- Contact necessity – advertisement billboard is noticeable for its big sizes, it is impossible to keep it away from the angle of view.

 - Wide audience. 

Our specialists of advertisement agency will help to you to choose the place for successful location, so that due to this, your advertisement shall be seen by maximum people who is interested in your goods.

 Advertisement in the bus.

“Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertisement agency offers to the customers to place advertisement of goods and services in the public transport of Baku city. Our marketing specialists will not only involve the consumers’ attention, but they will also prepare advertisement models in non-standard and creative style that will serve to decorate the city.

You will achieve the followings with relatively low cost by ordering advertisement in transport in our advertisement agency:

- To involve the attentions of passengers and other traffic participants, pedestrians and drivers.

- Mass warning of potential consumers about sales, special actions and auctions.

- To create positive reputation of the advertising brand.

- Opportunity to involve interest of passengers to the advertisement on the way and within other public transport means.

 - Wide range can be achieved with the help of transport advertisement owing to the high frequency of the transport size and contact with the audience.

 Commercial banner.

Banner is a taut that can be tightened between the buildings or specially installed separately standing beams, one of the most popular advertisement carriers and is a fast information mean to the city audience.

You need a durable, economic, continuously working and especially a billboard involving new customers?

“Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertisement agency knows what the customer needs! The all of our work is directed to allow you to order effective maximum easily cross street banner by using minimum time and means.

 The main principles of our work will be:

- High quality – our specialists are thinking design for your bright and memorable advertisement with special attention.

- Moderate price – our prices are the most optimal prices.

- Diversity – we are trying that the advertisement to be special and exclusive.

By ordering advertisement with us, you will be one move ahead of your counterparts.