One of the activity directions of “Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertisement agency is the planning of advertisement events and actions.

Event planning - is a complex task starting from this idea and reflecting in its implementation. Our specialists undertake control both over the processes by managing the all project and over blocks separately. You are left just to trust our advertisement agency and to assess results of our creative works. What do we offer? Planning of corporative events and meetings.

How do we do this?

-Agree the character and purposes of the event.

- Prepare ssenaro of promo actions or other events ordered by the customer,

- Events are carried out by high level of specialists.

We would help to you:

- Increase and strengthen the customer resources;

- To arouse positive impression and interest of customers to your products;

- Increase the income level.

Your company prestige depends on the level of your event’s brightness and being memorable. Trust all eventual matters to us and we guarantee the result leaving behind your expectations.

BTL services.

BTL services – this is a very effective direction in the advertisement market, because you do not spend all your money to the information delivery, you involve the purposed buyers and reduce significantly the advertisement costs. BTL allows to contact personally with the participants of the promo action at the sales points.

The main duty of “Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertisement agency – is to offer BTL services and to match the budget to the BTL services and actions to optimal price, but not reducing the quality.

The specialists of “Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertisement agency approaches to their work with great responsibility and use all means that will result perfectly:

- Creative BTL technologies;

- Planning of promo actions from A to Z;

- Team of high qualified marketing specialists;

- Direction towards the effective work and future cooperation.

 You will achieve the followings when you order  BTL in our advertising agency:

- Advertisement works for your benefit and causes income;

- You will be one move ahead from your competitors;

- Only highly qualified specialists will work on your project.

Trust your project us and we shall release you from all organizational difficulties by showing maximum result.