TV spots.

One of the strongest human impressions is a visual impression.  Therefore, the most important element of TV spot – is a creative idea and capacious presentation.

  If you ask: “Why advertisement is effective in TV?” – we shall answer you:

- TV spots allow to draw maximum attention.

 - Four in one – description, colour, and movement, written and verbal text are acting mutually at the same time and this draws the attention of the audience.

- Being memorable – Advertisement in TV is the best tool for background and mechanical perception. The connection with the advertisement is not cut and even if the consumer withdraw his/her eyes from the spot, communication continues in acoustic level.

- Difference of presentation variants – You may place your advertisement in TV and use programs in different context at any time of the day – at noon, evening or night.

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 Our specialists will help you to choose the optimal TV channel collection, define the time of spot and calculate effective method of buying advertisement in TV.

 We shall define the necessary parameters of the frequency of displays and its coverage for more effective impact on the audience. 

 You will obtain great assortiment of new customers and increase the sale capacity by ordering TV spots in the “Global Advertising Azerbaijan” advertising agency.

Radio advertising.

Radio advertising – this is a process of information delivery about the brand purposely to the audience by means of radiobroadcast.

Millions of people – going to the work, standing in traffic jam or simply listening to the favourite music not depending on their age and place are listening to the radio.

Will you be able to increase sales capacity and improve the popularity of your brand by the help of radio advertising?

Undoubtedly – Yes!

Don’t you know how to use effectively and correctly radio advertising?

Leave this with us.

We shall place your spot operatively in the broadcast of chosen radios. If you do not have a ready advertisement spot, then you may leave this to us by taking into account all your dreams.